Hi, my name is Brian Pex (PEXPHOTO) and I am a photographer from Middleboro, MA. I grew up, along with my 3 brothers, in Tiverton, RI. I have always had an intense interest in clean design and aesthetically pleasing objects. From architecture, automobiles, clothing, paintings, electronics, products, etc - I have always liked the way things were either made or looked. This is very important when it comes to photography. Careful attention to detail cannot ever be taught in a classroom. Passionate obsession cannot be read in a book. Desire to be very good at something is not in a handbook. This all comes from within; the make up of who we are as a person.

I first bought a digital camera back in the mid 2000's. It was a basic point and shoot variety. An HP if I recall. I was amazed how that little box could capture, record and display a nice image in a fraction of a second. I have always had an interest in it since. Years later, after toying with photography and the software used to manipulate photos (Photoshop, Apple's Aperture, etc) I began looking through many popular online photography sites such as 500px. I was amazed when I contacted a man from Norway who had AMAZING images. I found out he had no special training. He was 100% self taught from the vast amount of online classes, books, tutorials, etc. That was it. I said "Why not me?"

Though this is an ABOUT ME section, the more important person is you - the person reading this description. There are tons of photographers out there today. Many are pretty good. Many are very good. Some are just world class. There are also, unfortunately, lots of bad ones. If you buy a guitar, you take lessons and become good at that passion over time. Years in most cases. With photography, some buy a camera and they have the delusional idea that they are now a "Photographer!" That is crazy! It takes an intense passion to be good at anything. I have spent endless days and nights learning so much it is really insane when I think of it; almost unhealthy! ha ha

Here it is a little more than a year later and my passion is stronger than ever. I have caught myself getting up at 2:30AM and going to computer for "5 mins" to try something I was dreaming about. It never leaves me. I am totally and completely obsessed about every single detail regarding photography. I never jumped into this as a means of income. However, when you are this deeply into something, it is only natural to branch out into a business and that is where I am now. 

I am a easy person to speak with as I have a very outgoing personality. You will never feel uncomfortable in dealing with me since my goal is 100% total and complete happiness from the customer. Not satisfaction. I want complete and total happiness. I laugh when I see "100% Satisfaction Guarantee" - being satisfied isn't a very lofty goal! If my service doesn't meet what you expected, I will never accept a dime from anyone. That is a 100% promise. There is no fine print here. In stand behind what I do and what I will do. 


Please feel free to contact me via one of the link buttons below or at (774)-526-1889

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